United Hospitality Management Makes Profitable Portfolios Possible

What We Do

Investment and Development

Our owner-operators have a true passion for hospitality. Each property we develop begins with a vision, and through detailed planning and analysis, we place top hotel brands in prime locations to ensure a successful return on investment.  We are always seeking new investors to share our success as we grow our portfolio.

Renovation and Re-Positioning

Through strong budgets and cash flow management, we leverage our relationships with brands, construction managers, and designers, to ensure success in renovating and re-branding properties that fit the appropriate market and achieve their highest potential in both profitability and guest satisfaction.

We Offer Financial Stability and Responsible Asset Management

Launching a successful hotel development takes careful planning, a keen sense of timing, and the ability to apply technology, industry knowledge, and managed resources. As owner-operators, we have a flawless track record and first-hand knowledge that allows us to speak confidently about how we can ensure your hotel’s financial stability and responsible asset management. 

Proven Strategies. National Brands.
We deliver superior guest satisfaction with profitable results.
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